2012: Still Living the Dream

OK. Grandma and the cousins are right.  I’ve been busy in 2012 but that’s no excuse for not blogging.  Here’s a recap of how I’ve been living the dream.

Strolling around Siam

In early December the stars aligned for a totallyawesomegreat trip with some of my favorite neighbors to Thailand.  Highlights from the visit include visiting Bangkok’s most timeless Buddhist landmarks, visiting our former colleagues who are now posted to Bangkok, a bike/boat trip along the Meklong (not the Mekong, apparently — we need some really different landmark names here), and of course, eating delicious food.  We also took the opportunity to try both Chang and Singha beer, which are both better than Bintang (or maybe I am just sick of Bintang by now.)  We also scoped out a movie theatre even more lavish than ours in Jakarta.  Best part of Thailand: the King’s color is yellow, so this sunny color shows up everywhere!  Glad the world’s longest reigning monarch and I have a favorite color in common.

Thailand flags... the King's is the yellow one

Reclining Buddha... awesome.

Thumbs up for Wat Pho!

typical Bangkok sites... no biggie

The King and I... love the yellow!

Christmas/New Years in the Tropical Paradise

Who doesn’t love time off work/fun (you pick which word you use to describe your professional life) to eat, drink, and watch movies all day?  We kept Christmas pretty low key because just around the corner was…


The highlight of the year (OK, at least of January) was Mom, Dad, Uncle Gary, and my favorite sister’s visit to Indonesia all the way from the U.S. of A! We spent our time drinking Bintang, exploring Bali, and getting massages/reflexi in Jakarta.  I still can’t believe they flew all the way across the world to see me!

Mom and Judes felt the need to replicate the HI statue. Who can blame them?

J scopes out Monas, the national monument


We watched the sun rise at Borobudur, the largest Buddhist temple in the world

Did I mention we donned really attractive sarongs at Borobudur? and that it involved waking up in the 4s?

J's xmas present: waterproof camera. We had to test it out.

Uncle Gary showed up in Bali!

Jimbaran beach, following delicious fresh seafood. Look at all the bules!

New Zealand: Because Sometimes Even I Need to Leave Asia

A land where everyone speaks English, with clean air and potable water, and where good beer is readily available.  Yes, it sounds like the United States, but February brought the opportunity to scope out the Oceanic U.S. foil that is also home to the characteristics I just listed… NEW ZEALAND.  Over Presidents Day weekend we took a brief, whirlwind tour to Kiwiland’s north island.  Our goal was simple: spend as much time as possible outside breathing clean, cool air and enjoying environs unavailable in Asia.  And we succeeded!

Blue skies at the airport... boys, we're not in Jakarta anymore.

Auckland's Sky Tower

Canyons. Rivers. We traversed all of the above on foot and in rafts (and wearing ridiculous wetsuits)

waterfalls and jacket weather. Win column.

glacial valley. This is what a pristine outdoor looks like.

OK, Grandma, that’s all the awesomeness I can take. Bule out, for now.

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1 Response to 2012: Still Living the Dream

  1. Thea says:

    How long will you be in Indonesia for? I would love to visit!

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