November: Presidents, Giving Thanks, and Getting Glam

OK, now Mom has even bypassed Grandma in wanting updates about exactly how I’m living the dream.  I am definitely off my A-game.  Here’s why: November was a doozy.

Are we sick of Bali yet? Just maybe. 

Don’t worry, parents.  When you come and visit, I’ll definitely be ready to take you to Bali.  It looks something like this:

Balinese sunset.

But until the parentals/siblings arrive, I have no interest in going back.  I spent several weeks in Bali working my tail off. But it was all totally worth it… because guess what? We had some really awesome people come, including President Obama.  You probably saw this in the news, but he actually came to Indonesia.  So the awesomeness of that almost made up for the fact that I sweat through pretty much every suit I own again and again in the Balinese heat.

20111118 East Asia Summit

President Barack Obama poses for a photo with other leaders at the start of the US – ASEAN summit at the Bali Nusa Dua Convention Center in Nusa Dua, Bali, Nov. 18, 2011. (Official White House Photo by Pete Souza; read more at

So… that was fun.

Thanksgiving, a.k.a. a five day food coma

After the excitement of another trip to Bali came Thanksgiving, my all time favorite holiday.  In case Mom and Grandma were worried, I was very thankful for turkeys, PEOPLE WHO READ MY BLOG FROM AFAR, good food, living the dream, little old ladies with curly hair, doting mothers who send reminder emails, a lack of natural disasters of late, good beer, fine wine… sorry, I ate so much turkey I fell asleep there.  Anyway, lots to be thankful, including the fact that neighbor Mike cooked three delicious turkeys over the course of the weekend.

mmmmm. delicious.

Dolled up

After all the excitement of Thanksgiving, November still had a few more punches.  One of them was called the Marine Ball.  Even though the Marine birthday is technically November 10, they still put on a birthday ball around the world for the next several weeks.   After all, who really needs an excuse to party?  Definitely not the Marines.  The occasion sparked the perfect reason to get  manicure/pedicures, get my hair styled like a Garuda Stewardess, and experiment with fake lashes.  Wicked fun.

Hey Bu! (that's not overly familiar... Bu means "Ma'am" in Indonesian.)

how we roll... see if you can spot the lashes. So hot right now.

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