An Ode to Seasons

Made ya look: no actual odes will be written this week.  I’m over it.

If there is one thing that occasionally gets me down about Jakarta, it’s a lack of seasons.  The New Englander (read: Masshole) really has a thing for winter snowstorms, fresh spring air, the cool, crisp fall air and sweatshirt weather.  We don’t have those things just south of the equator here.  This week instead of bemoaning the lack of seasons, I was kind of relieved by the familiar hot and humid air.  Why, you might ask?  Because fall is synonymous with marking a most familiar and time-honored Masshole tradition: watching the Red Sox choke in the post season.  It looks like it happened anyway, even without me there to scream at an HD broadcast of NESN coverage.  This week’s blogpost is respectfully written in honor of the 2011 Boston Red Sox.  Thanks for dashing our hopes and dreams.  I thought I’d share some memories of finer days, when we were still under the illusion  that this might be a year reminiscent of 2004 and 2007.

Beer, siblings, and sox... best combination ever

Ironic that this is one of approximately 4 photos I took in August.

Strictly seasonally speaking, we’ve now come to the rainy half of the year.  I have my yellow rain boots, so I’m ready to rock.  But not much else to report on, so Grandma is going to have to wait until next week to hear more stories about me saving the world.

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