Quarter Century +1

This weekend I was spoiled rotten… but not by Jakarta.  I awoke Saturday morning to find neon colored birthday balloons outside my door — they even made my stark white walls look tan!  Other highlights from the birthday celebrations included funfetti cupcakes (most fun dessert ever), dinner with fantastic company, and quality conversations.  A special shoutout to the neighborhood posse, who ensured the day was totallyawesomegreat from start to finish.

Eager to prove that at my old age of 26 I am just as spry as I always have been, at some point in the last few weeks I thought it would be a great idea to run a 10 mile road race at 6am on Sunday morning.  Road races in the late fall, you might think to yourself… how fun.  Yes, the race ended up being fun, but let’s examine the things that make running this morning’s race totally different than my previous suppositions:

1) fall.  Oh yeah, no seasons here.  It’s still hot as heck.

2) this race was in Jakarta, organized with Indonesian efficiency.  This meant that what could have been a 5 minute appointment after direct trek to North Jakarta on Saturday to pick up our race packets… wasn’t.  Traffic aside, our frenemies on the other side of the check in list insisted that we had to wear the race singlets we received, we were advised that the starting time for the race had been moved 1/2 hour earlier, and were extremely concerned about collecting physical race confirmation slips instead of helping us prepare for the race.

The race ended up being a total blast — it was nice and cool out (for Indonesia), there were a limited number of people running, and motor traffic was slightly less than normal.  10 miles (16.8km) went by, I finished in a reasonable amount of time, and at the end was all smiles:

Indonesian singlets... yes, they make us look tan.

Yup, that’s right.  Another great birthday.  But 10 miles got me totally tuckered out so other adventures of the week will have to come later.

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